Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Luxe Models Review - Is it Free?

Luxe Models Review : Is it Free?

Potential models have asked if Luxe Models is free. Luxe Models is not a model agency. The Luxe Models website makes is clear they are not a modelling agency but that they help aspiring models break into the industry.

So, do they?

Well in short, yes. There are other ways of breaking into modelling, but Luxe Models offers a free assessment and photoshoot, and are actually very good at what they do.

So how do they make money?

Their sister company Kube Studios provides a free session but charges £50 for each image you want to buy - that comes with  the copyright which you will need, so insist that you get it.

Luxe Models Review : Is it Free?
Luxe Models Review : Is it Free?
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  1. i found them really helpful at luxe models london